This game has been developed in Game Zanga 8

Move the ball left & right with the arrow keys.

Use boost by pressing Space to make the ball move faster and get boxes out of your way.



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Potato Winner XD

thanks, how was the game? Give us feedbacks, hope you win all potatoes in the world 🥔 ❤️😂

The game itself is simple and funny, i really enjoyed playing it, keep up the good work.

(if you dont mind, would you take a look at my game @, would really appreciate it :D )

Thanks for the feedback, of course I will, enjoy playing. :)

Potato Winner lol

thanks, give us feedbacks, best potatoes for you 😂❤️

well believe me it's really  fun playing it and the only feedback from me is the quality make it better by giving it a flat design

Thanks for your feedback, I will make the quality better in the new versions of the game, Thanks again <3

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